One Day

My Friend,

On the day I stopped in to say goodbye to you I had a letter in my hand. I left with the letter still in my hand for fear had won that day. Though many years have passed and life has taken us down some beautiful roads, I have always wished I would have given you that letter. The pages have long since decayed, but the words are inscribed on my heart still.

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One more time

We never really believed in goodbye… There would always be next time. Only somewhere along the way thoughts of next time faded to memory of last time, and then in the end to talk of the last time. I can still remember the last time we met, the last time we embraced, the last look you gave as you were walking away. I was not there in the last moment, and did not hear your last word or feel your last breath.
You know, I catch glimpses of you. Sometimes you are rounding a corner in a shop, or passing in a crowd. I hear your voice teasing me.
In some strange way the last time lives on forever, and you will live forever in the memory of that moment.

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It is no original thought to tell you that, we all rush through life at the beginning and look back at the end longing to savor those moments we have passed by. Nostalgia is a powerful emotion and hindsight has a way of enhancing that longing. In these posts I hope to live in the past a little, capture some moments, and perhaps hold onto some things I might relive in the future. As for you, enjoy the journey!

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